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CORE VALUES OF Carmel Academy of Performing Arts 


Physical, emotional, and spiritual safety is paramount in the pursuit of personal growth

in a creative environment.


Determination and persistence outweigh the power of instantaneous gratification.


A dedicated group, striving towards a goal, is successful only when each team member is the best they can be.


Whether dancer, singer, actor, musician, scientist, scholar…the life blood of a civilization is based on the importance it places in the arts.  We contribute citizens of the world imbued with the love of the arts.


Staff, teachers, students and parents will be listened to with direct interaction, respectful thoughts and words and with the understanding each person is entitled to their thoughts, feelings and opinions.


Regardless of ability, all students will experience the joy of reaching his/her personal level of accomplishment, with their successes verbalized along side positive suggestions for improvement.


The teachers and staff are sensitive to societal trends that might be detrimental to positive growth of young people.  We will maintain affirmative behavior during the creative process.

For over 60 years, the Carmel Academy of Performing Arts, (formerly the Carmel Ballet Academy,) has been recognized as the premier dance and theatre arts training facility on the Monterey Peninsula. Joanne Nix, the original owner and director of Carmel Ballet Academy, concentrated entirely on ballet discipline and performance. In the years since Carol Richmond purchased the facility, the scope of classes offered has grown to include a complete dance, music and performing arts curriculum.

We developed our Mission and Purpose Statements to embody the life-force we teach: “Dreams…Determination…Dedication”. The instructors and staff of the Carmel Academy of Performing Arts attend nationally recognized seminars and conventions as well as regularly scheduled studio meetings to keep up-to-date on innovations in our industry. Our dedicated teaching professionals continue to study from, and contribute to, the expanding field of performing arts and dance through their professional projects and advanced education. Our staff contribute to the local community volunteering their time organizing and participating in special events. These commitments ensure that we continue to provide a wide spectrum of artistic guidance for our students-as their teachers and mentors.

Students of all levels enjoy year-round instruction in a friendly, caring, loving and creative environment. From the toddler to the beginner to the pre-professional, each student feels the excitement and energy in the air at the Carmel Academy of Performing Arts! We have a program to fit each student’s goals and aspirations…and we look forward to finding the perfect schedule for your family. Welcome to the Carmel Academy of Performing Arts!

Our Mission is to nurture, inspire, and encourage students to passionately pursue their dreams through self discipline and dedication.

Our Purpose is to build an environment of committed caring, in a way that develops confident well-rounded people who can extend and realize their highest potential, so they can make meaningful contributions to life in any endeavors they choose.


Family Registration

Family registration involves a non-refundable fee which covers registration and insurance for all members of the family. The fee periods are August through June @ $50.00, OR January-June, @ $40.00. All families are required to complete new registration cards when they begin the new term, Parents must register students who are under 18 &/or are not High School graduates. Incomplete registration cards cannot be processed and will be returned for completion, which will jeopardize your first choice of class times. A nonrefundable tuition payment for the first partial or full month (as applicable) is required upon registration. Registration may be done online or in person during lobby hours. Lobby hours are Mon.-Fri. 9:00 AM-Noon & 3:30-6:30 PM and Sat. 9:30 AM-1:30 PM.

Families are required to pay all outstanding balances before registering for a new term.

Adult Registration

Adults are always welcome to attend classes on a Walk-In/Single Class basis, as described below. To get the best rate for ZUMBA Fitness and Adult Ballet classes, complete the registration process and purchase a class card, which you present each time you attend class. Adult registration involves a fee which covers registration and insurance costs. The fee periods are August through June @ $25.00 OR January-June @ $20.00. All adult students are required to complete new registration cards when they begin a new term, Class cards do not expire for the entire term! The adult registration process and adult class card purchases must be made in the lobby during regular hours or by mail. Lobby hours are Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-noon & 3:30-6:30pm / Sat. 9:30am-1:30pm. Teachers do not process registrations. Adults without class cards at the time that a class is held can attend class by pre-paying the Single Class rate for that class.

Walk-In/Single Class Fee

Adult students may attend classes on a single class basis, but children & teenagers may only do so while level placement decisions are being made. Please complete a blue Single Class Form & attach your fee for that class prior to participation. Payments may be given to the lobby clerk or placed in the lobby payment box. To receive the best rates, please follow the complete registration procedure, listed above.

Monthly Payments

The Academy uses a DIRECT PAYMENT plan. All families complete a Payment Authorization Form along with a Registration Card. Tuition payments are made monthly on the 2nd via an automatic charge to your VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card. An e-mail notice of your payment is sent. If you do not use e-mail-you are responsible for contacting us for information. There is a $5 fee from our bank for a payment that does not go through due to stolen card, insufficient funds, expired card, closed account, or ANY other reason. If this occurs, then you will make that payment in person in the lobby. You may choose to make an early payment by the 25th of the current month that covers your balance, then your card will NOT be charged on the 2nd of the following month.

If you OPT OUT of direct payments; you’ll sign the Payment Agreement & make a payment that includes the following THREE items 1) the annual non-refundable registration fee, 2) your non-refundable tuition for your first partial OR full month as applicable, 3) a deposit payment in the amount of one-and-a-half months of tuition as your “last payment in advance,” which- if you remain registered for the entire school year- covers May and June. Returned checks & late payments will result in a $20 fee. If payment is not received by the 15th of any applicable month then the “last payment in advance” may be applied.


Tuition is based on yearly fees that we divide into monthly payments. Rate chart is found on our Schedule of Classes. Discounts for additional classes are included. AUGUST and JUNE are pro-rated. August tuition is due at the time of registration. Make-up coupons are issued upon request if any August classes will be missed. Pro-rating is not available due to absences-please follow our Make-Up Policy.

Class Change Policy

The first month is non-refundable. DROPS must be made by the 15th of the current month to take effect the 1st of the next month. Fees are not pro-rated. ADDS can be made anytime, if the class fee is paid. Families wishing to make ANY change MUST fill out a Class Change Request Form; available in the lobby & on our website, or ask for one to be mailed or faxed. CHANGES CAN NOT BE MADE BY E-MAIL OR PHONE! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO MAKE SCHEDULING OR ACCOUNT CHANGES.


Make-Up Class Policy

Classes missed may be made up WITHIN ONE MONTH, provided we have been informed of the absence no later than the day of the missed class. Upon notification, students are issued a coupon, which they present to the teacher of the make-up class. We CAN issue make- up coupons over the phone & we do keep them at the studio for one month. Students may attend any class on the schedule as a make-up class, provided that it is within their enrolled skill level. If in doubt, please ask your regular teacher. Note! A full class can only be attended ONE TIME PER TERM with a make-up coupon. The lobby clerks cannot give permission to attend make-up classes above the student’s enrolled level.

For periods of extended absence, you will remain a registered student, BUT WE CANNOT HOLD YOUR POSITION IN A PARTICULAR CLASS. Be sure to DROP your classes before leaving to halt tuition charges. We will re-enroll the student without a new registration fee, on a space available basis. To remain in a particular class, the monthly tuition payments must be made in full. Note! Contact us with a doctor’s note in case of an emergency medical leave (fax #624-4381.)

Student Arrival/Departure

To protect the safety of our students they must arrive and depart as close to their scheduled class times as possible. Students need to arrive 10 minutes prior to each class. Students can arrive directly from school and do homework; however parents are accepting the responsibility for their safety until their classes begin! We require all students be picked up within 5 minutes of the end of their class! Families with an ongoing problem with late pick-up will be charged $1.00 per minute and/or be dismissed. Students released from classes with ending times after the lobby has closed can only wait outside for 5 minutes; after that time parents must park and come into the Academy lobby. Lobby hours are Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-noon & 3:30-6:30pm/Sat. 9:30am-1:30pm

Please refrain from double parking & honking. Do not block Mission Street! Follow city regulations to avoid being ticketed by Carmel Police Department. We have an arrangement with the city for you to park WITH YOUR FLASHERS ON for short periods in the lot across the street.

Smoking/Alcohol/Drug Policy

Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol are prohibited on the Academy premises. Wine occasionally may be available for adults at some events. Chewing gum is not permitted anywhere on the Academy premises!


Code of Conduct

The Academy strives to create a healthy environment for your child… here is how you can help!


1) Have Fun!

2) Respect other students, all teachers, staff and parents.

3) Attend regularly, arrive 10 minutes early to warm up and follow the Dress Code every day.

4) No talking or sitting down in class! Be prepared to give 100%.

5) No gossiping-work together as a team!


1) Have a great time watching your child grow and learn!

2) Respect all students, the teachers, staff & other parents.

3) Have your child attend class regularly, bring your child 10 minutes early and be sure they are following the Dress Code.

4) Ask your child to give 100% in their classes and rehearsals.

5) No negative comments to or about the dancers or other parents. No gossiping-work together as a team!

CAPA strictly enforces our Code of Conduct and students are asked to leave classes-w/out credit-if it is not being followed. Teachers may refuse entrance to students arriving late &/or unprepared. Note! We encourage a partnership with our parents to ensure that the students and their family understand expectations. If problems are ongoing, parents are asked to attend classes with their child! We reserve the right to ask a family to transfer out if Code of Conduct issues remain unresolved.

Appropriate hairstyles, dance clothes & shoes are required. Students cannot take class without proper dress. Bring a dance bag & write your name on all items-everyone’s items look the same and the Academy is not responsible for lost items. Dress Code items are available at Trés Jolie in P.G., ph# 375-3000, JoyPer’s in Salinas, ph# 424-3466 or at Do not purchase imitation dance shoes! We require Capezio, Bloch or Sansha brands w/ sewn elastics at all ages & levels. Beginning with “Intro to Ballet” level; hair is required to be in a bun-STARTING WITH THE FIRST CLASS OF THE YEAR! Tot and Creative students may use any style off of face and neck. Short hair must be secured off the face. All ballet levels may wear skirts that match their leotard color after barre. ONLY SWEATER & LEGGING STYLES DESIGNED FOR DANCERS CAN BE USED!

•   Tot & Creative: Leotard of any color, long pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers AND black tap shoes w/elastic or ribbons are REQUIRED on 1st day

•   Intro to Ballet: Light pink leotard, pink dance tights, pink leather ballet slippers with sewn elastics ON FIRST DAY, (tutus are optional) Hair in bun.

•   Ballet I: Light blue leotard, pink dance tights, pink leather ballet slippers with sewn elastics BEGINNING ON FIRST DAY. Hair in bun.

•   Ballet II: Navy blue leotard, pink dance tights, pink leather ballet slippers with sewn elastics BEGINNING ON FIRST DAY. Hair in bun.

•   Ballet III & up: Black leotard, pink dance tights, pink ballet slippers with sewn elastics. Hair in bun. ALL BEGINNING ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS.

•   Ballet V: Any solid colored leotard may be added to the above, IF hair in bun, pink tights & pink shoes with sewn elastics are worn!

•   Boys-all levels: Black dance pants, black or white shirt, and black or white leather ballet slippers with sewn elastics BEGINNING ON FIRST DAY.

•   Jazz:  Camisole top or leotard of any color, snug fitting jazz pants, capris or snug shorts of any color; jazz shoes; Sneakers ARE NOT permitted for jazz class, (only in hip hop class) Hair MUST in ponytail or bun at ALL jazz levels! ...BEGINNING ON FIRST DAY

•   Modern/Lyrical: Same clothing as jazz, except for shoes; bare feet for Modern and jazz shoes w/ occasional bare feet for Lyrical.

•   Theater: Jazz, yoga or sweat pants of any color and black jazz shoes. NO JEANS! Hair in ponytail or bun. ALL BEGINNING ON FIRST DAY.

•   Team CAPA:  Black leotard or TIGHT camisole shirt, snug black shorts or capris; jazz shoes, (& other shoes as needed for each dance being rehearsed) Hair must be in ponytail or bun. Colored sports bra may be worn.

•   Hip Hop:  Jazz or yoga pants of any color, NO JEANS! NO CROP TOPS!  Black jazz or regular sneakers-ONLY USED IN DANCE CLASSES-not on the street.  BEGINNING ON FIRST DAY

•   Acro/Tumbling: Any color TANK leotard, black BIKE shorts, bare feet & legs. Hair off of face & neck in pigtails or ponytail, (including boys w/ long hair)

•   Tap: Jazz or yoga pants, NO JEANS! Black tap shoes without Velcro closures. (Note! For levels I & up, NO patent leather)

•   Specialty Classes: Require BOTH TYPES OF DANCE SHOES appropriate to the subjects taught BEGINNING ON THE FIRST DAY


RAD Dress Code:

Pre-Primary (ages 4-5)

Primary (ages 5-6)

Grade 1 (ages 6-8)

Grade 2 (ages 8-10)

Grade 3 (ages 9-11)

To provide the most professional and enjoyable experience for your children, the faculty of CAPA will strictly enforce dress code attire beginning the third week of classes. Proper apparel and shoes allow students to perform exercises safely and permit teachers to observe their form and make any necessary corrections. A $2 bun kit will be provided and charged to the account on file if a student attends ballet class more than twice without a proper bun. Hair must be worn off the neck and out of the face for all other classes.

Pre-Primary & Primary:

Theatricals Short Sleeve Dance Leotard - Pink - Style No: D5102C

Pink Ballet Socks (Tres Jolie) or source from the internet!

Pink, Whole-Sole Leather Ballet Shoes

Grade 1 & Grade 2: 

Theatricals Tank leotard - Lavender - Style No: TH5512C

Capezio Ultra Soft Transition Tights - Ballet Pink - Style No: 1816C

Pink, Whole-Sole Leather Ballet Shoes

Grade 3 & Grade 4:

Mirella Cap Sleeve Leotard - Seafoam - Style No: M515CD

Capezio Ultra Soft Transition Tights - Ballet Pink - Style No: 1816C

Pink, Whole-Sole Leather Ballet Shoes

Intermediate Foundation & Intermediate RAD/Pointe
Mirella pinch front seamed camisole leotard, Adult M210 in Navy or
Child size Mirella cotton camisole #M207C in Black

Open 1
Mirella pinchfront seamed camisole leotard Adult # M210 in Black or
Child size Mirella cotton camisole #M207C in Black

Advanced RAD
Mirella pinch front seamed camisole leotard #M210LD in Blackberry

Open 2
Mirella pinch front seamed camisole leotard M210LD in Black

Capezio Ultra soft transition tights in Ballet Pink, Adult #1816, child #1816C

Ballet technique shoes: Bloch, Sansha, Capezio with drawstrings in canvas. Please no ballet technique
shoes without drawstrings. Split-sole ballet technique shoes for Intermediate Foundation level and
higher only.

Student Class Level Placement

Carmel Academy of Performing Arts staff make ALL student class placement decisions. Placements are reviewed for accuracy & adjustments can be made by the Academy after classes begin! Students are rarely promoted to a higher level annually. Promotion is subject to each individual student’s development and is at the discretion of the instructors. There is vital development within each level. Returning students can check with lobby clerks or via parent portal Welcome Page for personal class level placements before registering for a new school year.

Class Size & Waiting Lists

Class size limits are set depending upon the: style of class, level of class, studio room size, student’s ages and individual teacher preferences.

We present a schedule to meet the needs of our new and continuing students. Still, our classes will become full and we then open waiting lists. If your first choice class is full, we can put you on a waiting list. We suggest you enroll in a second choice while waiting for space availability. Only students who have completed CAPA’s registration process will be placed on Academy waiting lists.

Private Dance Lessons

Most of our instructors are available to schedule private and semi-private lessons. Arrangements are made directly with each teacher. Our lobby clerks will be happy to forward your interest to him or her.


Good communication between the Academy and our students and their parents is very important to us! To promote good communication, we publish a monthly newsletter, To the Pointe, which is e-mailed to all registered families along with other important e-mailed notices. PLEASE READ EACH E-MAIL SO YOU WON’T MISS IMPORTANT INFORMATION!

Feel free to telephone the Academy to discuss any questions or concerns with our clerks or leave a message for the director, studio manager or your child’s teacher.

Classroom parent viewing takes place the first full week of the following months: October, November, February and March. 

Schedule of Classes

Please refer to our Schedule of Classes for complete class information and rates. We offer students of all levels a comprehensive and challenging program. The Academy uses qualified substitute instructors when needed. We also proudly present a complete summer program of camps, classes and intensives. Master Classes and special dance and theater workshops are offered each year, which students are encouraged to attend. These guest instructors enrich our students’ dance and performing arts educational experience. Winter and spring breaks also include camp offerings.


Team CAPA is a by-audition team of motivated dancers ages 6-18 yrs. The 4 levels of the team, (Mini, Junior, Teen and Senior,) incorporate approximately 45 dancers who perform at community events and attend competitions & conventions throughout the year. Please ask us if you are interested in receiving more information about the team!


The Academy offers a complete program of private instruction in musical instruments, voice and acting for students from age 5-adults! We have a staff of highly qualified instructors teaching beginning through advanced students. We can assist in renting or purchasing your instrument of choice. Additional policies for this program include:

Monthly Payments

Upon completing the Academy’s registration process, music tuition is billed only for the weeks that CAPA is open in each month, so the tuition rate will vary from month to month. The year’s music calendar is distributed to our music students listing each month’s tuition amounts and special events.

Missed Lessons and Make-Up Lessons

We offer each student 1 private music make-up lesson each term (Aug-Dec and Jan-Jun). However, you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance of any absence. In order for the make-up system to work, we must have at least 24 hours notice so we can offer the spot to another student to use as his/her make-up time. When a space becomes available, we will call you to ask if you would like to take the available slot. You will have 24 hours to accept the available slot.

Annual Calendar of Performances

The students present two afternoon music recitals each year. See current year calendar for specific dates.

Substitute Instructors

The Academy must from time to time provide qualified substitute instructors for your lessons. If a qualified substitute is not available, we will work together to arrange a suitable replacement time. Musical Instruments and Music Books Each student is responsible for providing their own musical instrument and lesson books which must be brought to each lesson. Each instructor will advise their students as to which booklets to purchase. The Academy provides an on-site piano, electric keyboard & drum set for students to use, however students are expected to have access to these instruments in their homes to practice on. For more information, please contact us at (831) 624-3729.


Thanks so much for all the love and attention that you give to our children. The wonderful, and numerous, awards that your dancers won this weekend are a testament to your teaching skill and dedication. Gabby has been so excited for the start of the competition season, and she would be happy to attend KAR just for the chance to perform. However, she is thrilled to be taking home so many awards. Thanks for an amazing weekend! You have so much to be proud of today! Much love,

- Teri & Gabby Flanders

I just wanted to send a quick thank you note for "bring a Friend Week". My daughter, Alec, had the opportunity to bring one of her classmates from school, who happens to be a native Spanish speaker with very limited English speaking abilities. Her name is Paola Sanots. Paola has never been to Carmel, let alone experienced a dance class such as the one Alec invited her to. It was such a pleasure to see the excitement and appreciation in her face. Thank you for allowing your students to invite their friends. It was a wonderful experience for our family! Many thanks,

- Maria Giannini

I would like to thank you for awarding Courtney with the Ballet Merit Scholarship. What a wonderful way to support and encourage young artists. Courtney is honored to be one of the recipients, and she can't wait until the fall session begins. Thank you again for providing our children with such a quality learning environment. I truly believe Courtney's experiences with the Carmel Ballet Academy will last a lifetime.

- Linda Paul

Thank you very much for the scholarship I received. Now that I am somewhat independent from my parents it is note to have some money to support my dancing. However, beyond that, I would also like to thank the Carmel Ballet Academy for everything else it gave me throughout my eight years there. Now that I look back, taking up dance as a fifth grade boy was a steep task, but it never really felt that way. At the Academy I felt at home, and that allowed my to truly develop a love of dance. So thank you, for all the hard work you put into me in class and on stage.

- Jake Lamb

At the end of the the Kansas City Ballet Summer Intensive, I performed ballet and pointe combinations with my group. I also was chosen to perform the "Big Swans" variation from Swan Lake with on other girl, Tessa. I was quite honored. At the end of the show the teachers gave awards to the six dancers who were the most focused and dedicated. I received one of those awards which was an amazing way to end Intensive. I believe that my training from the Carmel Ballet Academy has prepared me very well. I was just as good as most girls my age who came from all over the United States.

- Jo Ann Suyematsu

Over the years you have presented me with many wonderful opportunities. From countless Nutcrackers & Spring shows to traveling with you all the way to China. But this year has surpassed them all. Not only did you help and push me to pursue my goal of being the Sugar Plum Fairy and getting the chance to experience partnering and giving me a job in which I absolutely love and cherish, you are giving me yet another chance to train with you. This time in Italy with a generous scholarship from you. Carol you are such an inspiration to me and I look forward to spending yet another year with you. Thank you so much.

- Mackenzie King