FEES 2017-2018 (download rate card)

Annual Family 
Registration Fee


Annual Adult 
Registration Fee


Child Dance Classes

Music Private Lessons

$35 per 1/2 hour

45 minute class/wk


1st 1-hour class/wk


Single Class Fees

2nd 1-hour class/wk


45 min/1hr dance class


3rd 1-hour class/wk


1.5 hour dance class


4th 1-hour class/wk                                        


Each Additional 1-hour class/wk        $60/month

Note: to calculate your monthly tuition, add each
of the hours per week amount (e.g. 4 hours/wk:
$61+$67+$66+$76= $270/mo)

Mat Pilates


Adult Dance Classes

30 minute private music


9 class card


18 class card

Adult Ballet (single)



Recital Costume Fees:

Dance Company Fee       Fee Per Member

First costume
(per family)


Mini Co.                                          $150/month
Jr, Teen, Teen Elite & Elite Cos.    $160/month

Each additional costume 
(per family)


Family Registration Fee  (inquire about 10% Family Discount)

Family registration involves a non-refundable fee which covers registration and insurance for all members of the family. The fee periods are August through June @ $50.00, OR January-June @ $40.00. Parents must register students who are under 18 &/or are not High School graduates. Registration may be done on-line, by mail or in person during lobby hours. Lobby hours are Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-noon & 3:30-6:30pm and Sat. 9:30am-1:30pm. Families are required to pay all outstanding balances before registering for a new term.

Adult Registration Fee

Adults are always welcome to attend classes on a Walk-In/Single Class basis, as described below. To get the best rate, the Academy offers adults a special program. Upon completing the registration process, adults can purchase a class card, which they must present each time that they attend class. Adult registration involves a fee which covers registration and insurance costs. The fee periods are August through June @ $25.00 OR January-June @ $20.00. All adult students are required to complete new registration cards when they begin a new term. Class cards cover 9 classes, cost $129.00 and do not expire for the entire term! The adult registration process and adult class card purchases must be made in the lobby during regular hours or by mail. Lobby hours are Mon.-Fri. 9:00am-noon & 3:30-6:30pm / Sat. 9:30am-1:30pm. Teachers do not handle registrations. Adults without class cards at the time that a class is held can attend the class by pre-paying the Single Class rate for that class.

Walk-In/Single Class Fee

Adult students may attend classes on a single class basis, but children & teenagers may only do so while level placement decisions are being made. Please complete a Single Class Form & attach your fee for that class prior to participation. Payments may be given to the lobby clerk or placed in the lobby payment box. To receive the best rates, please follow the complete registration procedure, listed above.

Monthly Payments

The Academy uses a DIRECT PAYMENT plan. Upon registration families complete a Direct Payment Authorization Form along with their Registration Card or provide payment information through the online registration process. Tuition payments are made monthly on the 2nd via an automatic charge to your VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card. An e-mail notice of your payment is sent each time. If you do not use e-mail you are responsible for contacting us for information regarding your account. If you pay your next month's balance during lobby hours by the 25th of the current month, your card will not be charged on the 2nd of that following month. The authority you give to automatically charge your tuition remains in effect until either you notify the Academy in writing or in person to terminate it by submitting a Class Change Form, or the end of the school year - whichever comes first. There is a $5 bank fee for any automatic payment that is declined due to ANY REASON (expired card, stolen card, closed account, insufficient funds, etc.) and payment will then need to be made by the 7th . If you choose to Opt-Out of direct payments; you will sign the Payment Agreement and make a payment that includes all of the following items 1) the annual non-refundable registration fee, 2) tuition for the first partial OR full month as applicable, 3) AND a deposit payment in the amount for May and prorated June tuition as my "last payment in advance".  Returned checks & late payments will result in a $20 fee.


Our tuition is based on yearly fees that we divide into monthly payments. Discounts for additional classes are included. The month of JUNE is prorated. August tuition is due at the time of registration. Make-up coupons can be issued upon request if any August classes will be missed. (Students completing the registration process in September do not need to pay for August- but class choices may be very limited.)  Prorating is not available due to absences.  Please refer to our Make-Up Policy.  Students enrolled in a Monday class will automatically be issued a special "Monday Make-Up" coupon that can be used anytime in the school year.

Class Change Policy

The first month is non-refundable. DROPS must be made by the 15th of the current month to take effect the 1st of the next month. Fees are not prorated. ADDS can be made anytime, if the class fee is paid. Families wishing to make ANY change MUST fill out a Class Change Request Form; available in the lobby or by email.


The Carmel Academy of Performing Arts offers classes in many forms of dance and theater! Tot Ballet/Tap, Creative Ballet/Tap, Intro to Ballet/Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, and Modern, Acrobatics, Musical Theatre, Adult Ballet and feature our elite, Team CAPA, a performance and competition team. We also offer private musical instrument instruction in piano, drums, strings, brass, woodwinds electric and acoustic guitar in addition to private coaching in voice and acting.

We offer classes for students ranging from toddler to adult. We welcome students at all skill levels and it is our goal to provide each student with a class in which he or she feels comfortable while learning. Private music instruction begins with piano as young as 5.

We offer Adult Ballet at the beginning and intermediate levels. Additionally, adults may attend any dance class on our schedule at their level. Many adults attend our private musical instrument lessons, as well.

Carmel Academy of Performing Arts is located in Carmel-by-the-Sea on the east side of Mission at 8th. There are no street numbers in downtown Carmel, but you can’t miss us! Please refer to the map on our website for further details.

Prospective parents may view any class on their own, (without the prospective student). We have found that it is better for your prospective student to take a class instead of just watching. Classes are available on a single class payment basis for students as necessary for class placement decisions, etc. Class fees are lower for registered students. Prospective students can attend one class by having their parent complete a Single Class Form and paying a fee if they would like to try it out. Adults can take class as a single class at any time. Single class fees can get rolled into registration fees if registration is completed on the same date that the single class was taken. Classes are closed to families of registered students for viewing to ensure that teachers and students can retain their focus without distraction. Parent observation or viewing is held two weeks during each school year. There is a monitor in the lobby to view your child’s classroom at any time.

If you would like to register or would like more information about becoming a registered student, please call or stop by the Academy to speak with one of our desk clerks during lobby hours. We want to ensure that each student is placed in the best class for them and that there is space available in the class that you are interested in. Registration may also be done online at www.carmelacademyofperformingarts.com, after a phone consultation has occurred.

Beginning with Level II, it is highly recommended that students attend twice per week. One or two additional classes per week are recommended per each level the student is promoted to. Of course interest level may dictate that a student takes many more classes per week…6-8 or more!

The Academy takes into consideration age, dance or other movement experience, and maturity when making class level placement decisions. We are careful to make the best match for each student, and changes are made as necessary. You can find additional information about our different classes by reviewing our “Class Descriptions”

Students should arrive 10 minutes before the start of class so that they can be fully prepared.

Tres Jolié is our local dancewear shop. Nancy Conti’s shop is located at 600 E. Franklin St, Monterey, CA 93940 and her phone number is 375-3000. Ask her about the Academy discount! For online purchases we recommend www.discountdance.com.

Please wear clothing that is appropriate for your class. All classes have some level of uniform requirements that are explained in our registration packet and under the policy page of our website.

We require Capezio, Bloch or Sansha brands for ballet, jazz and tap shoes for all ages and levels. The imitation/discounted brands are too stiff for even the youngest dancer and do not allow the student to point their feet successfully. Hip Hop shoes may be actual dance sneakers or regular brand new sneakers that are only used for your hip hop dance classes.

Yes, if the absence is called in to the Academy no later than the day that the class is missed. Your make up class must be taken within a month of the missed class. A lobby clerk will write and keep on file a “make-up coupon”, which can be used to take any class within their level.

When you have a Make-Up Coupon on file, you may take any class at your level as a make-up class. Just come to the Academy 10 minutes early for class and tell the lobby clerk &/or the instructor that you are attending as a make-up class. Your coupon will be attached to the roll sheet for that class. You may attend a class with full enrollment one time with a make-up coupon.

The calendar of important dates for the upcoming school year is distributed via our monthly newsletter. Parents will receive informational updates via e-mail, with important additional information and reminders. Within the parents portal, you may also elect to opt-in for text message updates.

Yes! Boys and men dance, too. Our classes are co-ed, but the instructors alter many of the movements to suit each gender. Male dancers are awesome! They are strong, athletic and smart.

Carmel Academy of Performing Arts staff make all student class placement decisions. Students are rarely promoted to a higher level each and every year. Promotion is subject to each individual student’s development and is at the discretion of the instructors. When a student has mastered technique for their level, he or she will be promoted. In many cases an instructor will recommend a straddled placement for a student, (1 class per week in one level, as well as 1 class per week in the next higher level.) There is vital development within each level. Class level placements for returning students are posted on the Welcome Page of the Carmel Academy of Performing Arts Parent Portal when registering for the new school year.

Progression in dance is an individual process; students of the same age will progress differently.

The Academy is pleased to provide the opportunity to talented and interest dancers ages 6-18 to be involved in our performance/competition team. The first step that interested dancers should take is to enroll in enough classes per week! Students at the Mini-Team level need to attend 1 jazz, 1 ballet and 1 additional class of their choice each week. Students at the Junior, Teen and Senior levels need to attend 2 jazz, 2 ballet and 1 additional class of their choice each week. The second step that interested dancers should take is to let us know that he or she is interested. The next step that interested dancers should take is to attend one or more dance convention trips to take the master classes, watch a competition performance, and get to know the other dancers! Students showing interest, dedication and aptitude will receive an invitation to our annual Team CAPA audition or a private audition with the team director is arranged.

This is one of the most popular questions of all. All female dancers aspire to wear pointe shoes and it can only be based on the individual dancer’s progress and physical structure. Young dancer’s bones are generally too soft and malleable before the age of eleven to begin Pointe work. Promotion to pointe is based on specific and personalized physical and developmental achievements. The student’s bone growth, core body strength, and stability of her legs and ankles must have reached a certain level of development. Long lasting damage can occur in the legs and back if the dancer begins pointe work before her body is ready. A dancer is ready for pointe work when they have built enough strength in the feet, legs and abdominal muscles to sustain the technical demands that advanced classical ballet places on the anatomy.

Yes! The Academy ends the school year with a showcase production. Showcase dates are posted on our calendar. It is fun, high energy and an opportunity for your student to share the year-long learning process with family and friends. All students are expected to participate in the recital. There is an additional fee for each costume ordered and the there is a cost to purchase tickets to attend the Showcase. All costume alterations are free!

Yes; although we encourage and expect every student to participate in the annual recital showcase, we regretfully understand that special family events and other activities sometimes prevent participation. These students remain in their classes through the end of May. The DROP procedure must be followed in order to prevent being charged for June.

Dance! The Academy offers something for everyone over the summer! We have classes, camps, intensives and productions for all age groups. We also recommend that as the dancer matures he or she audition for summer intensives offered throughout the country through major dance companies. We are happy to discuss local and out-of-town summer camps and programs to ensure that each dancer/actor finds just the right program to meet their talents and desires.

The Academy is pleased to offer Tumbling to several age groups, which is in some ways similar to gymnastics. There are several fine teaching facilities on the Monterey Peninsula.

Carmel Academy of Performing Arts is recognized as a registered ballet school with the Royal Academy of Dance London. We hosted our first examinations in April 2016 when an international examiner visited the school. This honor bestowed on the Academy would not have been possible without the work of Philip Pegler (Director of Ballet) and Sandra Burnham, international teacher, RAD examiner and instructor at CAPA.

The Royal Academy of Dance, established in 1920 to improve standards and re-invigorate dance training, is an internationally recognized organization that provides a certification program in classical ballet. With more than 15,000 members’ spread across 82 countries, the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the largest and most influential dance education and training organizations in the world (www. rad.org.uk). Highly trained and certified registered teachers administer a curriculum in dance that is approved by the United Kingdom Department of Education, which follows UK national standards for arts education. The Academy’s patron is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The assessment process allows students and educators alike to know exactly what skills have been attained, and where further study is required. The Royal Academy of Dance employs a Board of Examiners: internationally renowned teachers who use the RAD syllabus in their own teaching.  A certificate is awarded to successful candidates, providing proof that they have attained an international standard in classical dance appropriate to their age. The certificate is a highly prized addendum to college applications as it demonstrates that the student has been diligently committed to working towards a high standard of achievement in the arts, in addition to their school activities.  An RAD certificate provides a foundation for future certification if students should desire to become teachers of dance. Few teacher certification programs are specifically designed for teachers in private studios in the United States, making this a valuable credential for potential dance teachers. Students have the opportunity to study the RAD method of classical ballet training and have the opportunity to participate in an annual RAD Examination session held in early spring.

There are 5 levels of examinations in the RAD training program: Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2. All of these levels include pointe work and a Variation in the Classical or Neo Classical styles. 

Currently CAPA is offering Grade 4, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced 1 classes.  

The training involves working towards solid classical technique, musical awareness and response, a sense of performance, projection and communication all of which encapsulate the necessary attributes to advance to the next level of training.

No.  We encourage our students to participate and aim towards an examination, if only for learning opportunity. Each student will be trained as if they will be entered for an examination to fully gain from instruction. Whether your child takes a ballet examination or not will in no way prevent them from moving to the next class level at CAPA. The instructors at the studio will decide which class level your child will be placed.

Yes.  These exams require pink tights, black camisole leotard, soft ballet shoes and pointe shoes for Intermediate Foundation, demi pointe (like soft pointe shoes) and pointe shoes for the remaining levels. A tutu skirt or short wrap around skirt depending on which variation is chosen.

For more specifics about dress code, please view our entire guidelines on the dress code tab.

Yes.  The fee includes, studio facilities, mock exam and professional ballet pianist. 

Yes.  A student can enter the class mid year, but it may not be possible to take an exam until the following year. 

Exams can fall between the end of February and the beginning of April.