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For students previously or currently enrolled at CAPA, just click on the "register now" button, enter your login information in the parent portal and select your classes.  For new students, click on "register now" and then create a new login on the CAPA parent portal.  If you have any questions, give us a call at 831-624-3729.

5 Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Programs

Exposure to Diversity 
Camp connects kids to those who they may not normally meet. There are children from different schools as well as some children visiting grandparents from other states. Kids learn the world is a big place with lots of people, who might do things differently than is normal for their Monterey Peninsula life style.

Keep Active
In this technology-filled world, camps cut back on distractions. CAPA does not allow cell phones and computers, so kids can truly take advantage of all summertime has to offer. That means those prone to sit on their duffs and text or play video games are forced to get up – and get moving!

Make New Friends
Students have the opportunity to become lifelong friends with people they don't necessarily live right next door to or go to school with. Camps offer a unique opportunity for your child to branch out in the buddies he or she has. Navigating and building these friendships over the summer also teaches children how to be more socially confident – something they can take back to school with them in the fall.

Learn New Skills
CAPA camps are a nurturing environment for a child to explore different camps and classes that could turn into lifelong passions. With so many choices, sewing, aerial skill, hip hop, ballet and many others, there are many diverse skills for kids to discover. It is the perfect opportunity to tap into an interest that he or she wants to carry on after the summer is over. Passions can be ignited!

Occupy Summer

One of the most practical reasons to send a child to camp is the reality of parents needing to work!. After all, when school lets out, kids have to go somewhere to spend their time. Camps and classes aren't just a "parking spot" for kids. It also offers fun, excitement and lessons that last.